CHAPTER 16 0f IPC 1860

CHAPTER 16 0f IPC 1860

(ACT no. 45 OF 1860)

Deals With the offences affecting the human body there are several provisions regarding these offences running from section 299 TO sec. 377 of IPC.

CHAPTER 16 0f IPC 1860

This chapter also further divided into different offences affecting the human body e.g – offences affecting life (section 299 to sec. 377), of the causing miscarriage and concealment of births, etc (sec. 312 to sec. 318), of hurt (section 319 to 338), of wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement (sec. 339 to sec. 348, ), of criminal force and assault (sec. 349 to sec. 358), of kidnapping, abduction, slavery and forced labour (section 359 to 374), sexual offences (sec.375 to sec. 376e) and of unnatural offences (sec. 377 of IPC).

This chapter deals with every offence most probably affecting the human body. There are certain other offences also which are not captioned in this head but has a somewhat similar impact like cruelty to a married woman which also affect her human body and Some offences like loot with hurt but these offences have been categorized in different heads under IPC but they have some nexus with the things affecting human body also. for that purpose, I have referred these offences in this limited sense.

Indian Penal Code 1860

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