Civil Procedure Code Orders Birds Eye View (CPC)

Civil Procedure Code Orders Birds Eye View

CPC Decoded: Unraveling the Key Orders for Legal Professionals

Civil Procedure Code (CPC)

Civil Procedure Code Orders Birds Eye View
Serial No.Order No.Order TitleShort Note
1Order IParties to the SuitRules regarding the parties involved in a suit.
2Order IIFrame of the SuitRules for framing the contents of the plaint and scope.
3Order IIIRecognized Agents and PleadersRules for recognized agents and pleaders.
4Order IVIssue and Service of SummonsRules for issuance and service of summons.
5Order VAppearance of PartiesRules for appearance and consequences of non-appearance.
6Order VIPleadings GenerallyGuidance on drafting and filing pleadings.
7Order VIIPlaintRequirements and procedure for filing a plaint.
8Order VIIIWritten StatementsRules for filing responses to a plaint.
9Order IXAppearance and Non-AppearanceRules for parties’ appearance in court.
10Order XExamination of PartiesRules for court examination of parties.
11Order XIDiscovery and InspectionRules for document discovery and inspection.
12Order XIIAdmissionRules regarding admission of facts in a suit.
13Order XIIIProduction and Return of DocumentsRules for document handling.
14Order XIVSettlement of DisputesPertains to dispute resolution between parties.
15Order XVFirst Hearing DisposalProcedure for disposing of suits at the first hearing.
16Order XVISummoning and Attendance of WitnessesRules for witness summoning.
17Order XVIIAdjournmentsRules for granting adjournments during proceedings.
18Order XVIIIHearing and Witness ExaminationRules for trial proceedings.
19Order XIXAffidavitsProcedure for filing affidavits as evidence in court.
20Order XXJudgment and DecreeRelates to the delivery of judgments and decrees by the court.
21Order XXIExecution of Decrees and OrdersCovers the execution of decrees and orders issued by the court.
22Order XXIIDeath, Marriage, and Insolvency of PartiesDeals with issues related to the death, marriage, or insolvency of parties.
23Order XXIIIWithdrawal and Compromise of SuitsPertains to the withdrawal and compromise of suits by the parties.
24Order XXIVSuits by or Against Minors and Persons of Unsound MindAddresses suits involving minors or persons of unsound mind.
25Order XXVSuits Involving a Charitable or Religious TrustRelates to suits involving charitable or religious trusts.
26Order XXVICommissionsProvides rules for the examination of witnesses through commissions.
27Order XXVIISuits Involving the GovernmentDeals with suits involving the government or public officers.
28Order XXVIIISuits by or Against CorporationsPertains to suits involving corporations and their procedures.
29Order XXIXSuits Involving Foreign StatesAddresses suits involving foreign states and the service of process.
30Order XXXSuits Involving the Trade and Merchandise Marks ActRelates to suits involving trade and merchandise marks.
31Order XXXISuits Involving the Chartered Accountants ActAddresses suits involving the Chartered Accountants Act.
32Order XXXIISuits Involving the Special Leave to Appeal ActPertains to suits under the Special Leave to Appeal Act.
33Order XXXIIISuits Involving Suits by PaupersDeals with suits filed by paupers or indigent persons.
34Order XXXIVSuits Involving Suits relating to Immovable PropertyRelates to suits concerning immovable property.
35Order XXXVSuits Involving InterpleaderAddresses suits involving interpleader proceedings.
36Order XXXVISuits Involving the Settled Accounts ActRelates to suits under the Settled Accounts Act.
37Order XXXVIISuits Involving the Provincial Small Cause Courts ActPertains to suits under the Provincial Small Cause Courts Act.
38Order XXXVIIISuits Involving Attachment before JudgmentCovers attachment of property before judgment.
39Order XXXIXSuits Involving Appointment of ReceiversRelates to the appointment of receivers in suits.
40Order XLSuits Involving the Limitation ActDeals with suits subject to the Limitation Act.
41Order XLIAppeals from Original DecreesRules governing appeals from original decrees.
42Order XLIIAppeals from Appellate DecreesRules for appeals from appellate decrees.
43Order XLIIIAppeals from OrdersCovers appeals from orders made under CPC.
44Order XLIVSuits Involving the Enforcement of DecreesPertains to the enforcement of decrees.
45Order XLVSuits Involving Miscellaneous MattersAddresses various miscellaneous matters in suits.
46Order XLVISuits Involving Reference to High CourtRelates to references made to High Courts.
47Order XLVIISuits Involving the Execution of Decrees against Legal RepresentativesCovers execution against legal representatives.
48Order XLVIIISuits Involving Appeals to the Supreme CourtPertains to appeals to the Supreme Court.
49Order XLIXSuits Involving Compliance with CPC RulesCovers compliance with CPC rules and orders.

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