Civil Procedure Code

The Civil Procedure Code (CPC) is a fundamental legal document that lays out the procedural rules governing civil litigation in India. It forms the backbone of the Indian legal system and serves as a guide for how civil disputes are adjudicated.

Here’s a brief insight into the CPC:

1. Legal Framework: The CPC is part of India’s legal framework, enacted in 1908, and has undergone several amendments to adapt to changing legal needs.

Civil Procedure Code (CPC) Orders Birds Eye View


A. Introduction and Definitions:

  • Decree
  • Decree Holder
  • Foreign Judgment
  • Foreign Court
  • Judgment
  • Judgment Debtor
  • Mesne Profit
  • Legal Representative
  • Order, etc.

B. Suits of Civil Nature:

  • Section 9
  • Res Sub Judice Section 10


A. The doctrine of Res Judicata:

  • Section 11
  • Comparison between Section 10 and Section 11

B. Foreign Judgment and Presumption:

  • Sections 13 and 14


A. Place of Suing:

  • Sections 15 to 20
  • Objection to Place of Suing Section 21 and 21-A

B. Transfer of Suits:

  • Sections 22 to 25


A. Institution of Suit:

  • Section 26
  • Order I: Plaint
  • Order VII: Parties to Suit
  • Order II: Framing of Suits

B. Summon and Mode of Service:

  • Sections 27-29
  • Order V


A. Written Statement:

  • Order VIII
  • Pleading: Order VI

B. Appearance of Parties, Examination, Production of Documents, Admission:

  • Order IX and Section 30


A. Framing of Issues:

  • Order XIV
  • Hearing of Parties: Order XV

B. Summon to Witnesses:

  • Sections 31-32
  • Order XVI
  • Adjournment: Order XVII
  • Hearing of the Suit: Order XVIII
  • Affidavits: Order XIX


A. Judgment and Decree, Interest, Costs:

  • Sections 33-35-B
  • Order XX and Order XX-A

Judgments (Cases)

  1. Firm Radha Krishnan v. Ludhiana Municipality, AIR 1963 SC 1547
  2. Aziz Ahmed v. State Bank of India, Vinyaambedi, AIR 1995 AP 166
  3. Ram Chander Pandurang Sonar v. Murlidhar Ram Chander, AIR 1990 SC 1973
  4. Tilak Ram v. Nathu and Other, AIR 1967 SC 935
  5. Ram Lal v. Reva Coal Fields, AIR 1969 SC
  6. Iftikhar Ahmed v. Syed Meharban Ali, AIR 1974 SC 749
  7. Bihari Lal v. Bhuri Devi, AIR 1997 SC 1879
  8. Teharoo Chadn v. Suraj Mal Nagar Mal, AIR 1984 Cal. 82
  9. Kanodiba Dagadu Kadam v. Savitri Bai Sopan, AIR 1999 SC 2213
  10. Ajaib Singh v. Shital Puri, AIR 1993 All. 138

Books Referred

  • “The Code of Civil Procedure” – Mulla
  • “Civil Procedure Code” – C.K. Takwani

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