Internship Opportunity at Justum Legal, Delhi: Apply Now!

🌟 Explore the World of Legal Excellence with Justum Legal

Are you a law enthusiast looking to embark on a remarkable legal journey? Justum Legal, a dynamic and multi-specialty law firm, is your gateway to a world of opportunities! Established in 2019, Justum Legal has been a beacon of legal excellence, serving a diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses, and governmental entities.

🎓 About the Opportunity

Justum Legal is thrilled to extend a golden opportunity to law students in their ultimate or penultimate year of Law School. If you’re passionate about the legal world and eager to gain hands-on experience, this is your chance! The internship program is available for immediate joining, and the internship mode is physical, taking place at the prestigious office of Justum Legal in the heart of New Delhi.

🏛️ Mode: of internship

Experience the legal profession in action! At Justum Legal, we believe that real-world exposure is the key to becoming a successful lawyer. Our physical internship program allows you to interact with legal experts, work on live cases, and get a feel for the bustling legal environment in Delhi. It’s a chance to witness the law in the making!

🎓 Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

This opportunity is open to law students pursuing both 3-year and 5-year LL.B courses. Whether you’re in your ultimate year, ready to step into the legal world, or in your penultimate year eager to gain practical experience, Justum Legal welcomes your application.

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💼 How to Apply?

Getting started on this exciting journey is a breeze. Send your resume and a compelling cover letter to Tell us why you’re the ideal candidate and how you envision contributing to the world of law. Your application is your chance to shine, so make it count!

🏙️ Location: Explore the Capital City

Your internship adventure awaits in New Delhi, the vibrant capital of India. As an intern at Justum Legal, you’ll have the chance to experience the legal landscape of one of India’s most dynamic cities. New Delhi is a city where history meets modernity and is the perfect backdrop for your legal journey.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to kick-start your legal career with Justum Legal. Seize the moment, apply now, and become a part of our dynamic team dedicated to making a difference in the world of law!

📧 Contact

In case of any queries, please contact:+918010889344,+919999833004

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