Labour Law

Week 1-2: Introduction to Labor Law

  • Historical perspective of labor laws in India
  • Constitutional provisions related to labor rights
  • International labor standards and conventions

Week 3-4: Employment Contracts and Conditions

  • Employment contracts and their elements
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Minimum wage laws and regulations

Week 5-6: Social Security and Welfare

  • Employee Provident Fund Act
  • Employees’ State Insurance Act
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • Gratuity Act
  • Other social security schemes

Week 7-8: Industrial Disputes and Trade Unions

  • Industrial Disputes Act
  • Role of trade unions in India
  • Collective bargaining and industrial relations
  • Strikes and lockouts

Week 9-10: Occupational Health and Safety

  • Factories Act
  • Employees’ Compensation Act
  • Safety and health regulations
  • Role of government agencies and inspections

Week 11-12: Regulation of Working Hours

  • The Shops and Establishments Act
  • Working hours and overtime regulations
  • Leave and holiday entitlements
  • Child labor laws

Week 13-14: Termination of Employment

  • Termination and dismissal laws
  • Notice and procedure for termination
  • Retrenchment and layoff provisions
  • Redundancy and exit strategies

Week 15: Emerging Trends and Contemporary Issues

  • Gig economy and labor laws
  • Women in the workforce and gender equality
  • Labor law reforms and future prospects
  • Case studies and group discussions

Assessment Methods:

  • Quizzes and assignments on specific labor laws.
  • Mid-term and final examinations covering course topics.
  • Research paper on a labor law-related issue.
  • Group presentations and debates on contemporary labor issues.
  • Class participation and discussions.

Recommended Textbooks:

  1. “Labour Law in India” by P.L. Malik
  2. “Industrial Relations and Labour Laws” by S.C. Srivastava
  3. “Labour and Industrial Laws” by N.D. Kapoor

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