Definition Of jurisprudence nature and scope of jurisprudence

Definition Of jurisprudence nature and scope of jurisprudence

  • In French jurisprudence is known as jurisprudence which means a body of rules derived from the decision of the court.
  • In Germany jurisprudence is known as Recht’s philosophy in which Rechts means law and philosophy means philosophy.


  • Derived from the Latin term ‘Jurisprudentia’ means knowledge of the law.
  • Jurisprudence is the scientific philosophy of law which concerned with the foundation, methods, and implications of law in a scientific method.

Definition Of jurisprudence

  • According to ‘SALMOND ‘ jurisprudence is the science of the first principles of the civil law’.
  • According to ‘AUSTIN ‘ jurisprudence as the philosophy of positive law’.
  • According to ‘HOLLAND ‘ jurisprudence as the formal science of positive law’.
  • According to ‘ALLEN‘ jurisprudence as the scientific synthesis of the essential principles of law’.
  • According to ‘ROSCOE POUND ‘ jurisprudence is the science of law, body of principles recognized or enforced by the public and regular tribunals in the administration of justice.
  • According toJULIUS STONE ‘ jurisprudence a lawyer’s extraversion i.e. lawyers interpret the law in the light of knowledge. he considers the knowledge of social, economic, political problems essential for lawyers and judges without which they cannot handle the legal problems of the society.’

JULIUS STONE preferred to divide jurisprudence into three broad categories

  • According to LASKI jurisprudence is the eye of law. jurisprudence is the mother of law.
  • The utility of Jurisprudence
  • Jurisprudence is a subject that has its own interesting value because this is a subject of serious scholarship and research.
  • Jurisprudence has the educational value it helps in the logical analysis of legal concepts.
  • The study of jurisprudence helps to put the law in its proper context by considering the needs of society.
  • Jurisprudence is the eye and grammar of law.
  • Jurisprudence helps a lawyer in this practical work.
  • The term sources of law have been derived from the Latin term ‘FONS JURIS’ (source of law )

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