Salient Features Of The CPA, 1986

Introduction of Salient Features Of The CPA, 1986

The features of CPA, 1986 is as follows:

• It contains 4 Chapters and 31 Sections.

Salient Features Of The CPA, 1986

Chapter 1 – Section 1-3
Chapter 2 – Section 3-8B
Chapter 3 – Section 9-27A
Chapter 4 – Section 28-31

• It extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The act except chapter 3 came into force on dated 15th April 1987.

Chapter 3 of the act came into force on dated 1st July 1987.

• The preamble of the act reads as follows:

“Act to provide for better protection of the interest of consumers and for the purpose to make provision for the establishment of consumer’s councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumer’s disputes and matters connected therewith”

• Section 2 of the act deals with the definitions clause.

• Section 6 of the act enumerates following consumer rights( HIRSC2 )

  1. Right to Safety
  2. Right to be informed

• Right to choose

  1. Right to be consumer education
  2. Right to be heard
  3. Right to redress

• For implementing the consumer rights following councils have been established:

  1. Central consumer protection councils
  2. State consumer protection councils

• District consumer protection councils

• The act provides the following three consumer disputes redressal agencies:

Forum value of goods/services and compensation

  1. Consumer dispute redressal forum( District Forum) – not exceeding 20 Lacks
  2. State Consumer dispute redressal forum – 20 lakh – not exceeding 1 crore

• National Consumer dispute redressal forum – More than one crore

• The act provides provision for easy, inexpensive, and speedy consumer dispute there is no necessity to appoint advocate. Each trial should be completed within 90 days from the date of receipt of a notice to the defendant.

• Value of goods or services Amount of fee payable and compensation claimed

Up to 1 lakh rupees for BPL Rs. 0
Up to 1 lakh rupee Rs. 100
Above 1 lakh – 5 lakh rupees Rs. 200
Above 5 lakh rupees – Rs.10 lakh Rs. 400
Above 10 lakh rupees – Rs.20 lakh Rs. 500
Above 20 lakh – 50 lakh Rs.2000
Above 50- 1 crore Rs. 4000
Above 1 crore Rs. 5000

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