2nd Edition National Corporate Restructuring Competition by Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad: Register by May 31

About Symbiosis Law SchoolHyderabad

Symbiosis Law School (SLS) Hyderabad was established in 2014 under the education of Symbiosis International Deemed University, Pune.

About CCCL

Established in 2018, the Centre for Corporate and Competition Law (C.C.C.L.) is a student-run centre aiming to provide a platform for students of the institute to explore and learn more about the nuances of Corporate and Competition Law, and to prepare them for the corporate world.

CCCL has been successful in conducting multiple landmark events in the history of our institute, which has carved a niche corner for our centre within the legal fraternity.

About the Competition (N.C.R.C. 2.0)

The Centre instituted the first-ever National Corporate restructuring Competition to cater to corporate law enthusiastic students, and give them a platform to showcase their zest in the subject.

The N.C.R.C. is focused on creating a better understanding of the concept of restructuring among law students and wishes to provide them with a first-hand experience of the same.

This competition will provide expert conceptual practical insights into the nuances of various methodologies and strategies of corporate restructuring.

The competition will be based on a fictional company under distress and the participants would be expected to provide the best solutions to come out of the problems. It aims to:

  • To study the importance and scope of Corporate Restructuring.
  • To provide students an opportunity to get first-hand experience of business situations.
  • To help the students in carving new ways of restructuring through innovative ideas.
  • To expand the knowledge of each student in analyzing the business situations for the development
  • strategies in business through restructuring.

In this competition, each team would be representing the Law Firms and providing restructuring solutions for the distressed company and the team proposing the most viable technique will be adjudged as the winner of N.C.R.C. 2.0.

Eligibility of Teams

  • Students duly enrolled and pursuing full-time 5 years or 3 years of law course from any recognized institute.
  • A maximum of one team shall be allowed to participate from an Institution.
  • Teams will consist of 2-3 students who must be enrolled in their school at the time of the competition.
  • It is expected, but not required, that the students will mostly be in either Law or Business School.
  • Teams should not obtain aid in solving the case from individuals who are not part of the team and will be asked to certify that the work product they submit at the competition is their own.


Online mode through Zoom Cloud Meet


  1. After the first round, the teams with ranks 9-20 will be eliminated.
  2. Teams with ranks 1-8 will proceed to the second round.
  3. The top 4 teams of the second round will proceed to the semi-final.
  4. Two teams will qualify for the final rounds.

Prizes & Awards

  • For the winners- INR 20,000/-
  • For the first runners up-INR 10,000/-
  • Best written submission: INR 5000/-
  • Best presenter: INR 5000/-
  • E-certificates will be provided to all the participants.


  • Registration Fee:₹1000 (Exclusive of 18% GST)
  • Click the link at the end of this post to register for the event.


The competition will be held online through Zoom Cloud Meet

Important Dates

  • Closing of registration: May 31, 2022 before 11:59 P.M.
  • Last date for written submission– June 11, 2022 before 11:59 P.M.
  • Event Date– June 25 to 26, 2022

Rules and Procedure

Click here to register for the National Corporate Restructuring Competition 2.0

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