Content Writer Internship Opportunity at Patenti Technology Solutions: Apply Now!

Patenti Technology Solutions is offering a two-month remote content writer internship opportunity. If interested, you can apply now.

About Patenti Technology Solutions

Patenti Technology Solutions is a startup in the niche sector of Intellectual Property Tools. They are developing an IP Tool Powered by AI. They envision providing enriched insights on intellectual property for attorneys, corporate researchers, and inventors.

About the OContent Writer Internship Opportunity at Patenti Technology Solutions

They are looking for passionate students to join in content development for their innovative product.


2 Months

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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop related content for multiple platforms, such as websites, email marketing, product descriptions, videos, and blogs
  • Follow an editorial calendar, collaborating with other members of the content production team to ensure the timely delivery of materials
  • Write content to instruct first-time users through a product with an intuitive microcopy
  • Help shape the brand voice for our products
  • Produce meaningful content for our customer community and our peers in the industry
  • Contribute to and help implement shared language
  • Devise Social Media strategy and content on IP
  • Produce well-researched content for publication online and in print
  • Organize writing schedules to complete drafts of content/projects within deadlines
  • Utilize industry best practices and familiarity with the organization’s mission to inspire ideas and content
  • Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in writing to maximize the online visibility of a website in search results


  • Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in college
  • Impeccable grasp of the English language, including idioms and current trends in slang and expressions
  • Ability to work independently with little or no daily supervision
  • Strong interpersonal skills and willingness to communicate with colleagues and management
  • Ability to work on multiple subjects/topics with different objectives simultaneously
  • Good time management skills, including prioritizing, scheduling, and adapting as necessary
  • Proficiency with computers, especially writing programs, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

How to Apply?

Interested applicants may apply through the link provided at the end of the post.


Stipends for selected students.



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