Consumer Protection Law

Consumer Protection and its necessity


Consumer, the concept

Consumer of goods

Unfair trade practices

  • Misleading and false advertising
  • Unsafe and hazardous products
  • Bargain price
  • Falsification of trademarks

Consumer Protection Councils

  • Constitution and procedure of central consumer protection council
  • Constitution and procedure of state consumer protection council
  • Consumer rights


  • Deficiency – meaning
  • Service rendered free of charge
  • Service under a contract of personal service;

Medical service

  • How to determine negligence
  • The patient is a consumer
  • Denial of medical service: violation of human rights


  • Controversy regarding insurance claim
  • Insurance interest
  • Insurance service
  • The beneficiary of group insurance is a consumer;

Public Utilities

  • Supply of electricity
  • Postal service
  • Telephonic service
  • Housing

Redressal Mechanism

  • Consumer dispute redressal agencies
  • Jurisdiction of District Forum, the state commission, and national commission Part B Power to set aside ex parte order, transfer of cases circuit benches, the finality of orders

Enforcement of Consumer rights

  • Execution of orders of district forum, state commission, and the national commission

Judicial Review

  • Public interest litigation
  • Class action
  • Administrative remedies:

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